The Rock is working hard on the final leg of promotion for Hercules, which opens on July 25, and this week, he spent some time building up the hype with a visit to ESPN (see the clever home run derby promo tweet below). Dwayne Johnson was awarded a full football scholarship to play college ball at the University of Miami, one of the most successful college teams in history. But a litany of injuries meant he never made the cut for the NFL&,dash;though he did have a short spell with the Calgary Stampeders in the CanadIan Football League. Never making the NFL doesn’t mean he didn’t get the chance to perfect his touchdown celebration dance, and as you can see in the tweet below, he wasn’t too bothered about what the rulebook says about what he can and cannot do.

Check out the Tweet below about the home run derby clip:

As well as promoting the movie, The Rock has also been promoting the workout and diet plan he followed religiously to get in Herculean shape. The Team Hercules exercise plan includes a back workout, chest workout, arms workout, shoulder workout and a legs and calves workout. The Team Hercules 12 Labors Meal plan covered the diet that fueled all of his gym work and kept him going through the grueling shoot. If you are following the same regimen, you can keep The Rock updated on your progress by tweeting to #TeamHercules.