You know you must be doing something right when Muscle & Fitness executive editor Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Rock both congratulate you! That’s exactly what happened to the outspoken and talented UFC featherweight fighter Conor McGregor after he dispatched his latest opponent, Dennis Siver, on Sunday night to set up a shot at the champion, Brazilian Jose Aldo.

No sooner had the fight ended when McGregor vaulted over the cage to confront Aldo, who was sitting octagon-side. The enraged Irishman screamed into Aldo’s face, but the Brazilian simply smiled in return. The pair are expected to meet on May 23 in Las Vegas in what could be one of the marquee MMA fights of the year.

Love him or hate him, more and more people are beginning to take notice of McGregor. He appeared in ads during the NFC Championship game on Fox this past Sunday, and he sold out the TD Garden in Boston on the same night the Patriots were playing at home in the AFC championship game.

Shortly after the Irishman’s win, Arnold took to Twitter to congratulate him (the two have met, and Arnold is a fan):

The Rock also was taken by the waves McGregor is making and sent him this tweet:

Check out the McGregor/Siver highlights:

Here, McGregor gets in Aldo’s grid (he later admitted he had no intention of hitting Aldo, as he knew he would be fined, telling Ariel Helwani on Fox Sports 1: “I am not giving up my money to smack some Brazilian in the crowd. I’ll smack him when the fight is on.”)