Even in a deserted, apocalyptic world filled with cannibals, people still like to work out.

In the second trailer for Ana Lily Amirpour’s The Bad Batch, we get a closer look at the Texas wasteland where this “dystopian love story” takes place.

Model-turned-actress Suki Waterhouse plays Arlen, who is “unceremoniously dumped” into this new world and quickly finds herself missing an arm and a leg after an encounter with cannibals. After rolling her way through the desert, past the muscled-up guys lifting barbells in the hot sun, she links up with “Miami Man” (a perfectly cast Jason Momoa), who serves as a protector of sorts as she makes her way through this new world order:

Jim Carrey is nearly unrecognizable as “The Hermit,” while Keanu Reeves dons the mother of all moustaches as a creepy, mysterious, cult-like leader known as “The Dream.”

Yeah, this movie is probably the wildest thing to hit theaters in a long time.

The vibe and look of the film is a world apart from the bigger blockbusters and reboots that usually hit theaters during the summer. Amirpour’s first film, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, was another wildly original story; it follows a “a lonesome vampire” and is described as the first-ever “vampire western.” The Bad Batch looks to be another wild tale.

Momoa gets the chance to shed his Aquaman armor for a little bit, but clearly his training for that film (and Justice League) gave him the perfect body to fit in with this “bad batch” of a crowd.

The Bad Batch hits theaters on June 23.