Spend time with any bodybuilder during the day and you know sooner or later they’ll find a mirror or camera to get in front of. Doesn’t matter if they’re at the gym, in a park, or in the middle of a street, when the feeling to flex arises there’s only one thing to do…bring out the guns.

And that’s just what happened when Blessing Awodibu, a bodybuilder from Ireland, was shopping for coffee at a grocery store. In this Instagram clip you’ll see the natural instincts of a bodybuilder kick in when the need to pose suddenly strikes.

At first glance, it appears Awodibu has spotted a closed surveillance camera pointed in his direction, which of course elicits the bodybuilder’s urge to rip off the shirt and bring the heat. Truly a bold exhibition that brought a smile to those who watched it on social media, and panic to those shopping for coffee down the aisle. 

However, the jacked bodybuilder was actually posing at the end of a selfie stick held by his girlfriend. During his appearance on Fox and Friends, Awodibu admitted that it was not a closed surveillance camera which he was flexing before, but rather an app on his phone that made it appear to look like he was being captured on CCTV. 

Check out the full interview below.

No matter how the posing session was recorded, the idea was brilliant and the results were everything a bodybuilder could want: For the world to see what he has worked so hard to achieve.