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Geico, not a bad ad franchise to be a part of, eh? Bodybuilder Kali Muscle scored a role in one of the car insurance’s latest ads, and he puts some impressive poses together as he guards the streets against gridlock. Kali’s latest foray into the advertising world inspired us to look for clips of bodybuilders past and present who were featured in memorable ads. Enjoy!



Arnold Multitasks in 1998 Japanese DirectTV ad

Like most A-listers—George Clooney and Bruce Willis among them—Arnold was not averse to shooting commercials for Japanese audiences. This ad, reportedly from 1998, features the Oak playing multiple characters and sporting some hilarious wigs. Arnold channeling his inner rocker and football player are standouts.


Terry Crews Amps Up the Old Spice Franchise

If ever there was a man to put some spice into the Old Spice commercials, then that man is Terry Crews. If you could bottle his energy and enthusiasm, you’d be minted. The good news is that we can enjoy Crews in The Expendables 2 this weekend (check out his exclusive interview with M&F here), but for pec-dancing bombastic brilliance, check out some these golden moments of Crews at his Old Spice best.


I Lift Things Up and Put Them Down

This ad, featuring a bodybuilder with an accent not too dissimilar to you-know-who, pokes fun at the meathead stereotype in the gym. First of all, it is pretty funny, but anyone who has ever spent serious time in the gym knows how many hours of work and how much dietary discipline it takes to get into this kind of shape. Now that is no laughing matter. That said, this ad, and the two that follow, show four bodybuilders who have a great sense of humor. More power to them!



Jerome Ferguson Bang! Bang! Bang!

Terry Crews isn’t the only one who’s perfected the art of pec-dancing. Here, Jerome Ferguson shows us what he’s got, complete with sound effects.



Don’t forget to drink your brotein, bro.