Vengeance is one hell of a motivator.

The first trailer for the action-thriller American Assassin hit the web, and it’s as action-packed as any Marvel superhero flick or Fast & Furious franchise blockbuster.

The basic plot, from what we can see: After a terrorist attack at a beachside resort kills his girlfriend, Mitch Rapp (Dylan O’Brien) devotes his life to tracking down the bad guys responsible. Rapp sets up a home gym with a pullup bar and punching bag, which he proceeds to mash into oblivion as he gets himself in shape to become a one-man wrecking crew.

The “assassin” part comes in when Rapp is recruited by the CIA’s deputy director (Sanaa Lathan) to help them hunt and take down those same terrorists. Rapp gets linked up with the “best warrior” the CIA has to offer—Cold War-era operative Stan Hurley (Michael Keaton), who leads a band of black-ops recruits as they train to fight a mysterious operative (Taylor Kitsch), who (naturally) is trying to start a major conflict across the world:

The movie has a pretty badass poster to go along with it:

The film is based on one of Vince Flynn’s books, 15 of which feature Rapp as the main character. The studio is hoping to turn this series into a franchise, and, based on the first trailer, they’re starting off on the right foot.

American Assassin, directed by Michael Cuesta, will be released September 15, 2017.