Ever wonder how awesome it would be to date one of those super-hot fit chicks you see on Instagram?

Though you’d be the envy of men everywhere, Dom Mazzetti has a few facts to consider that may sway your opinion.

If you don’t know Mazzetti, he is one of YouTube’s most famous meathead personalities, created by Mike Tornabene and Gian Hunjan.

If you want to meet the “real” Dom Mazzetti, watch the video below.

So no, he is not a real person. But the fictional character raises a few good points in his bro-filled episodes.

In this particular YouTube video, Mazzetti goes through the pros and cons of dating a fit chick, and let’s just say he has a ton of cons.

But does Mazzetti’s one pro outweigh all the negatives of dating a fit girl? Find out in the video above.