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Pete Rubish Grinds Huge 900-Pound Deadlift

The insanely intense powerlifter is raising the bar one pull at a time.

Pete Rubish Grinds Huge 900 Pound Deadlift

Pete Rubish is one of the strongest and physically intense powerlifters out there, and at only 24 years old, he's regarded as one of the best deadlifters around. Watch this grind-of-the-century 900-pound effort:

A video posted by Pete Rubish (@pete.rubish) on

Powerlifting as a sport doesn't get much of a spotlight compared to other arenas, so a lifter's exposure depends largely upon social media. Over the past few years, Rubish has exploded in popularity over Instagram for his unbelievably strong deadlifts and other feats of strength. Fun Fact: Rubish used to be coached by one of M&F's own contributors, the strongman and powerlifting strength coach Josh Bryant. 

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Wondering what this guy's eating every day?—"3 pounds of four-cheese Rice-a-Roni mixed with ground beef," mentioned Rubish in an interview with JTS Strength. Be sure to keep an eye on his Instagram for more fully loaded barbells being moved like it's nothing. 


A video posted by Pete Rubish (@pete.rubish) on

A video posted by Pete Rubish (@pete.rubish) on