Look Ma, no hands!

Chris Duffin is one of those elite-level lifters that never ceases to amaze. The Guinness World Record holder just gave us a taste of his current training cycle, boasting a ridiculous no-hands front squat of 550 pounds for a double. What’s more—he’s done this before…wearing flip flops. 

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Duffin, known for his legendary squats, once owned the world record raw squat (881 pounds) in the in the 220-pound weight category. He was also the lightest lifter to hit the mark before Sam Byrd broke the record in 2015 with a 915-pound squat at a 219-pound bodyweight. 

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And finally, here’s just a taste of how things can go wrong when you’re playing around in the 800-pound range. #worldrecordsquatterproblems