Planning to hit the gym this weekend? Well if you’re thinking of doing some leg training, take The Rock’s challenge. Mr. Johnson, who is shooting San Andreas in Australia and is soon to light up the big screen in Hercules, took to Instagram during the week to post the photo above with the following caption:

“This is a motherf*cker, but challenge and push yourself… One triple drop for your final set. Remove one plate every 25 reps. 75 reps total. Continue on w/ the rest of your leg training – squats (or hacks), lunges, curls and extensions. #IntenseAndDirty #FOCUS (and don’t skip calves dammit).”

As you well know by now, The Rock isn’t playing. If you need some tips on any of the above, check out our take on squats, lunges, curls and extensions. And we never forget about calves. Might want to reschedule your Sunday plans if you know what’s good for you, because you don’t want your legs to leave you down when you hit the beach this summer. Get to it!