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Squat Vs. Deadlift: Which Should I Do First?

If you're planning to do both exercises on the same day, here's what to do.

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If I squat and deadlift on the same day, which should I do first and why?

Carl W, Portland, ME

Start with the lift that you are weaker at. But in general, the squat is a more technical lift that requires a greater attention to detail. Also, be aware that there is a lot of carryover with both exercises, as the low back is taxed while performing them. And while I don’t normally recommend doing both on the same day, it can be advantageous to lifters who are looking to improve these lifts, since performing them more often will improve your proficiency in them. For this option, keep the load between 73% to 93%.

Don Saladino is the owner of Drive Clubs in New York City.