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Train Like Carolina Panther Ian Thomas

What the NFL rookie is doing on and off the field to make the jump from college to the pros.

Train Like Carolina Panther Ian Thomas
Courtesy of CarnoSyn

It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. Case in point: Ian Thomas. Thomas did not take the easiest or most conventional path to the NFL: After spending two years at a community college, he transferred to Indiana, where—after playing sparingly his junior season—he flourished as a senior, catching 25 passes and scoring five touchdowns. His play caught the eye of the Carolina Panthers, which drafted him in the fourth round last spring.

Through it all, Thomas says, he was focused on self-improvement, and along the way, he’s realized that playing pro football is something “I’ll always be grateful for and never take for granted.” He also has a focused attention to detail when it comes to nutrition and recovery—which is why he supplemented with CarnoSyn while training for the NFL Combine. Here’s how else he’s preparing to handle the rigors of the NFL.


“Before the NFL Combine, I worked with Test Football Academy and former Olympic sprinter Ato Boldon,” Thomas says. “They gave me great insight on what I needed to focus on to go from good to great, and I’ve applied the same mindset now that I’m a Carolina Panther.”


“I began taking CarnoSyn during my Combine prep process,” Thomas says. “I couldn’t believe the impact it made on my workouts and recovery. It’s a great option for keeping lactic acid at bay to extend endurance and build more muscle. At this level, it’s a game of inches, and I feel like CarnoSyn is a key element in my daily routine that gives me an edge. Their products are legit.”


“I’m excited to gain a greater understanding of football,” Thomas says. “Being a blocking tight end with great hands and explosiveness enhances my value as a player. The more versatile I am, the more valuable I become. CarnoSyn helps me dominate in the weight room, adding strength and power to my technique on the field. And that can also help keep me injury-free.”

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