Cable Hammer Curl

The cable hammer curl develops size and strength of the biceps while specifically targeting the forearms and outer part of the biceps. Utilizing the cable ensure resistance remains on the biceps throughout the entire range of motion.


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    Set up a rope and attach it to a low pulley cable. Stand about 18 inches in front of the weight stack while grabbing the end of the rope in each hand with palms facing each other and arms fully extended.
  2. Cable Hammer Curl
    Keep elbows close to your sides and curl your hands upward until elbows are at a 90-degree angle. Pause for one second at the top and slowly lower back to the starting position, allowing your arms to fully extend.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Perform the movement with a controlled pace, not allowing momentum to contribute.
  • Do not hyperextend through the lower back. Brace you core and keep your spine flat throughout the entire movement.
  • Do not allow the elbows to flare. Keep your elbows tight to your sides the entire time.