Feet-Elevated Side-to-Side Pushup

This progression of the traditional pushup increases strength in the chest, shoulders and triceps. The side-to-side movement helps improve muscular imbalances while increasing core stability. The elevation increases the difficulty of this exercise.


  1. 1_A
    Assume a standard pushup position with your feet elevated on a bench behind you.
  2. Feet-Elevated Side-to-Side Pushup
    With your hands a bit wider than shoulder-width apart, transfer most of your body weight to one hand and slowly lower yourself toward that side until your chest is nearly touching the ground. Pause for a moment, and then push yourself back up to starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Do not let the hips sag.
  • Do not hike the hips too high. Instead, the hips and shoulders should make a straight line throughout the movement.
  • Be sure to lower as far as possible.