Barbell Lateral Lunge

The barbell side lunge strengthens the legs while also engaging the core. Stepping to the side increases activity of the inner thigh and helps increase balance and stability on both sides.


  1. 442_A
    Place body bar or barbell across your upper back, pulling the bar down while squeezing your shoulder blades together for stability.
  2. Barbell Side Lunge
    Push your chest out and take a large step to the side. Hips will descend to the ground and as right knee bends bringing thigh almost parallel to ground. Keep left leg straight. Brace core and return back to starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Do not tuck in chin.
  • Do not lean the torso forward as you rise out of the bottom of the lunge.
  • Make sure you drive through the entire foot of the step-out leg, not just with the toes.