Dumbbell Side Lunge

The dumbbell side lunge increases strength and power in the legs. Stepping to the side increases mobility and flexibility of the hips.


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    Grab a pair of dumbbells with a neutral grip so that your palms are facing each other. Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your arms should be fully extended with dumbbells resting in front of your thighs.
  2. Dumbbell Side Lunge
    Take a wide step to one side. When your outside foot contacts the ground, lower your body by pushing your hip back and bending the knee. Keep your inside leg straight and foot firmly planted. Pause when your outside thigh is parallel with the ground, and then push back to the starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Make sure you descend deep enough into the lunge that you feel a stretch in your groin.
  • Do not lean the torso forward as you rise out of the bottom of the lunge. Instead, keep your chest up throughout.
  • Make sure you drive through the entire foot of the outside stepping leg, not just with the toes.