Crossed-Arm Barbell Front Squat

The crossed-arm barbell front squat is a multi-joint exercise that not only strengthens the legs, but also strengthens the upper back. Holding the barbell in front ensures an upright position and alleviates strain placed on the lower back.


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    Stand in a shoulder-width stance with feet pointed out. Cross arms placing each hand on top of bar and place barbell onto shoulders. Triceps will remain parallel to floor in order to keep weight on top of shoulders.
  2. Crossed-Arm Barbell Front Squat
    With back remaining tall, slowly descend hips until thighs become parallel to floor. Pause. Exhale and quickly accelerate hips back to starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Make sure you keep your elbows high through out the exercise.
  • Be sure to rest the barbell securely on top of your shoulders.
  • Do not let allow your back to round during the exercise. Instead, keep spine tall and chest lifted.