Overhead Barbell Squat

The overhead squat improves strength and mobility in both the upper body and the lower body. Due to the bar position and the movement pattern, core strength is another benefit of the barbell overhead squat. If you can’t squat overhead, a weak core, poor shoulder mobility, weak lats, or weak hamstrings could be the reason. Strengthening these areas will improve your overhead squat.


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    Position barbell over your head using an overhand grip with hands approximately twice as wide as shoulder-width apart and arms fully extended. Your feet will be shoulder width apart. Keep chin and back tall.
  2. Overhead Barbell Squat
    Brace core and slowly descend hips until thighs become parallel to floor. Pause and quickly drive hips back to starting position. Keep torso as tall as possible.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Do not let the knees cave inward.
  • Do not let allow your back to round during the exercise. Instead, keep spine tall and chest lifted.
  • Do not bend the elbows as you support the weight overhead.