Everyone’s witnessed the hilarious attempts of newcomers at the gym. But New Year’s novices are an exceptional bunch. You have the users and abusers who simply don’t know what they’re doing on the machines; they end up backwards or upside down, awkwardly straddling seats and sticking their cheeks where other cheeks belong. Then you have the Johnny-Try-Hards who are just as clueless, but far too ambitious; they end up hurting themselves or grunting out half-assed sets, turning pushups into floor humps. And then you have people who are just plain unlucky; they’re the ones you need to watch out for. They’ll trip over their feet and fly off treadmills, or get caught up in a jump rope and throw their dumbbell into the masses.

Now, before you fall into an all-out rage against the rookies flooding your gym, take a second and remember you were a newcomer once yourself. It may have been a long time ago, but try and give them the respect and guidance they desperately need. To put you in the giving spirit; and to give you a taste of what you’re in for; here are 14 of the funniest fitness Vines of the year.

1. Dancing Queen

Two things should never be combined: dancing and moving treadmill belts. Unless you’re OK Go, odds are your face will be hitting the ground before you can take a second step.


2. Right Round

Great success can knock your socks off, but amazing failures will blow off your shoes.


3. Imperfect Form

You’ll never want to correct someone’s form more so than after watching this video.


4. Lean Mean Biking Machine

Apparently bob and weave doesn’t just apply to boxing.


5. Ass Backwards

If you ever see this in the gym, do the guy a favor and turn him around. (Permission to laugh first.)


6. Head Shot, Crotch Shot

Nothing like a one-two punch to the face and crotch; with dumbbells. 


7. Kickstarter

Unless you’re up against this guy’s half-assed kickboxing. 


8. Knockout

You know when you’re going so hard you feel like you’re going to pass out? Well, this guy does. 


9. Heavy Load

The most graceful fail thus far. He keeps excellent form every step of the way.


10. Flipped Off

When good equipment goes bad.


11. Old-School Ass Kicker

When a guy noticeably older than you is kicking your ass, time to step it up. Take notes. 


12. Strike Out

This guy wasn’t running nearly as fast as the torque he caught off this treadmill. 


13. Saving Face

There’s a reason there are so many treadmill fails in this compilation: they’re hysterical. As to why so many people fall on them, or fail to see that they’re on? No clue.


14. Bad All Around

These men (and boy) certainly go out with a bang, or two. New motivational motto for 2015: Go hard and break everything in sight.