1) Swag, Baby!

This should be called the Tons-Of-Free-Stuff show. Companies large and small dole out supplements and products – some of which aren’t even on the market yet – like End Times is near.

Start working on your farmer’s walks, otherwise you may not make it back for day two. Chances are you’ll end up with a cache of supps that will last you for months.

TIP: Bring extra bags for the plane ride home-and possibly some lifting gloves for carrying bags around at the show. On second thought, don’t wear the gloves.

2) The M&F Testing Booth

We’re going high-tech. In addition to fitness contests and free giveaways at the booth, you can also get your body composition analyzed in the BodPod, a device rarely found outside of university laboratories, and test your strength with Exerbotics equipment, which gives you real-time data on what all that gym time has done for you. (check this link for more information). Finally-if you can muster the energy-burn out some squats on the Star Trac max rack, a unique two dimensional Smith machine.

TIP: Bring your Speedo, or lycra compression shorts, (and sports bra for women) for the bodyfat testing. Leave your ego at the door.

3) Booth Babes

The Playboy mansion has nothing on us. Not only will the M&F booth be properly stocked with some of the most attractive fitness, figure, and bikini models in the industry, but the show itself will be teeming with, well, talent.

TIP: Think seriously before wearing your Speedo around the ladies-there could be consequences.


Dr. Jim Stoppani will man his own “Raw” Booth, tape a live segment of the show, and answer questions. If you’ve wondered whether all that ink is real, now’s the time to find out. Also, the M&F Edit staff will be hanging around the booth, but mostly for the babes.

TIP: Be sure to say hi to the edit staff and Dr. Stoppani. Speedo optional.

Special Guest Appearance by Steve Austin

This just in: M&F’s November cover star, Steve Austin, will be at our booth to sign copies of the issue, or whatever you’d like his name on. Best of all, both the autographs and the issues will be FREE.

Date and Time: Saturday 26th, 12Noon-1:30PM