Don't let her tent-pitching looks fool you – fitness model Shay Lyn isn't one to be seen and not heard. For every seemingly clever question we asked, she had an even better answer. Like . . .

First modeling gig? "Working Barbie's birthday party at Toys R Us. I had a full-blown Barbie outfit and there were 50 little girls dressed up just like her, too. And they'd run up and say, 'Barbie, how much is this?' And I'm like, 'I don't work at Toys R Us. I'm Barbie!'"

Best road trip? "I got my broadcast degree from Central Michigan, and this Wild On! producer offered me an internship at E! My friend and I drove from Michigan to California in a Jeep Wrangler with no air conditioning. It was so hot, like 120 degrees, so we stripped down to bikinis. You get out to pump gas, and people are like, 'What the hell?'"

Craziest assignment? "Being on a bikini team that toured Ecuador. They drove us around to TV stations and we'd dance, and the crowd would go wild. For all we know, they were saying, 'Look at the porn stars from America!'"

Best cheat-day diet advice? "After the m&f shoot, my reward was going to Hooters for a Guinness and a buffalo chicken sandwich. They batter the chicken breast, fry it, roll it in butter and hot sauce and add Provolone cheese, tomato and blue cheese. You have to try it!"

Dream dude? "I like big muscles. It makes me feel safe, like nobody's gonna mess with me. But he can't be so stuck on his diet that he won't drink beer and eat nachos." In that case, we'll be over here, by the Fry-o-Lator pulldown machine. M&F

WEB EXCLUSIVE Five questions? We couldn't let her off the hook that easy. Here's more on our conversation with Shay.

How to impress her: "I really like it when guys are old-fashioned. Open the doors, pull out your chair, and ask you permission for stuff, like 'Can I kiss you?' And good teeth. Like a perfect smile, with dimples, is the best."

Fitness: "I do a lot of yoga. I do Pilates. I don't run or jog. I have no attention span. If I do any cardio, it's incline walking on a treadmill, and I have to have a tabloid or something to look at. I do weight training. One muscle group per day. And abs maybe twice a week. I work out at Gold's four to five times a week. And I use resistance bands when I travel – they actually work great."

Bikini bowling: "I was actually on a bikini bowling team. I have my own ball. You really don't bowl in a bikini. It's a publicity stunt. You bowl in clothing. My mom was like, 'I can't believe you're on a bikini bowling team.' It's not what it sounds like. It was at a bowling alley in Reno, Nevada. We did a bikini contest, and then we'd bowl. And people would bowl with us. And actually I did win the contest. I don't know what I bowled. But I do have my own bowling ball and my own bowling shoes. My ball is red white and blue with sparkles."

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