Over the last few months we here at Muscle & Fitness have been developing a whole new look and user experience for our website; the first stage of a continued focus on making M&F online like no other fitness resource and community.

Muscle & Fitness Trainer – Bringing the magazine to LIFE. With this application you will be able to get customized workouts, nutrition, and supplementation plans designed specifically around your preset goal. Downloadable workouts, video instruction and calendar integration are just a few of the goodies you'll find. An optional upgrade provides premium access providing more information at your fingertips and the ability to download programs to your iPod Touch, view the 1000's of Animated (Video coming soon) exercises, and even have reminders sent directly to your email.

M&F Raw – One of the newest and most popular feature of our website. Get great tips and demonstration on your PC from the Doctor himself, Senior Science Editor Jim Stoppani PhD. In each episode Jim covers the do's and don'ts of training and nutrition and supplementation.

M&F Transformation – Use the Muscle & Fitness Trainer, any of the workouts and diets provided in the magazine or online, or implement your own 12-week plan. Compete along with other M&F board members for prizes and to be featured in the pages of M&F or M&F Hers…or even grace one of our covers. More than a contest, though, receive coaching tips and advice from M&F experts and other board members to help you on the road to your best level of muscle AND fitness ever!

M&F Blogs – Good or bad,tap into the minds of Muscle & Fitness. Each editor's or contributor's page provides an opportunity to get information beyond what can make its way into the magazine…..or must be edited-out. From training tips and behind-the-scenes shots from Exercise Science Writer, David Barr, CSCS, practical tips from the halls of science from Science Science Editor, Jim Stoppani, PhD, the other side of the story behind M&F's most prolific sports and fitness editor, Joe Wuebben, tips and musings from Editor-at-Large, Gunnar Peterson, CSCS atop the personal trainer food chain, or soapbox moment and science updates from Editor-in-Chief and full-time PhD student, Chris Lockwood, MS, CSCS. Whatever your interests, be a part of the Muscle & Fitness family and find out what makes us click.

So spread the word and come back and see us. Get ready to become a part of history and the future of fitness. Get ready for the NEW MuscleandFitness.com.