May 2014
Figuring out how your body works with nutrition is the No. 1 thing … What you put in your body is exactly how your body’s going to look.

It was coming to terms with some basic tenets of fitness like this that transformed Brian Casad’s physique from average Joe to the chiseled cover model-worthy body he has now. Three years ago, he was working a desk job. He worked out regularly, but his diet consisted of pizza, burritos and fries, and it showed. 

Fast forward three years and he’s the proud owner of his own gym, spokesmodel for BodySpace and on the cover of Muscle & Fitness. Learn about his remarkable journey and the diet and workout changes that got him here.

Plus: A workout formula to torch a pound of fat every week, Chef Robert Irvine’s favorite, fast, muscle-building meals, the worst dieting mistakes you don’t know you’re making, and more. 

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