When Hurricane Sandy shook things up along the East Coast last October, firefighters at Lower Manhattan’s Engine 4/Ladder 15 station lost their workout space to flooding during the storm. But three months later, the guys are getting their gym back, thanks to a gift from the makers of some of our favorite sports nutrition products.

GNC teamed up once again with Iovate—their partners the the making of EPIQ (a new line of muscle-building supplements that hits GNC stores on February 1)—to replace the NYC fire station’s water-damaged workout room and stock it with new fitness equipment. The gesture is a way to repay the firefighters for their work in keeping the city safe and strong during Sandy.

The guys at the station also get to give EPIQ a try for free, and we think they’ll be impressed. The products boast cleaner ingredients—no artificial colors or dyes, no undeclared ingredients, and no banned substances.


This article originally appeared on MensFitness.com