>> As a former pro snowboarder, an avid wakeboarder and the co-host of Fox Sports' travel-adventure series Destination Wild, Lauren Abraham puts the "extreme" in extremely busy. This petite brunette has so many passions, you wonder if there's anything she doesn't do.

A few forbidden activities:

>> Moping: A junior skier, Lauren switched to snowboarding at 13 and turned pro at 15. At 21 she ate a vicious jump, broke both ankles and spent six months in a wheelchair. She kept attending tournaments and eventually someone put a mic in front of her mouth. Suddenly she had a new job: TV host.

>> Slacking in the gym: Lauren sweats through two-hour workouts five days a week. She trains with weights, alternating between upper and lower body. For cardio, she enjoys Spinning and kickboxing. And when she's with her personal trainer, "We work exclusively on my butt," she says.

>> Slowing down anytime soon: In addition to fly-fishing, off-roading and skydiving for Destination Wild, Lauren models, takes acting classes, runs her own talent-management company and is launching a clothing line. Her latest endeavor: Cabo Bikini Boot Camp – five-day health-and-fitness retreats she'll host in Cabo San Lucas starting this April. But—will she be in a bikini? "Everyone's gonna be in a bikini!" In that case, one ticket to Mexico, por favor! M&F


Because we like you, here are a few more priceless pearls (and pics) from April snowboarding siren Lauren Abraham.

What she looks for in a guy: "Someone who's as driven as I am. He's definitely got to be into extreme sports. And he has to be in great shape. Not a meathead, but not a skinny dude either. I want the guy in between – the athletic build." Oh, and you better take some risks: "I won't stand cowards."

What she eats: "My diet is very clean. No fried foods. Not many carbs. I love seafood and fruit. I'll have sushi with no rice. I eat like an islander. And I stay away from flour. I think it puffs up your body."

What's next: Lauren recently began taking classes with renowned acting coach Howard Fine, who has instructed the likes of Brad Pitt, Val Kilmer and Jennifer Connelly. Now she's ready to go Lara Croft on Hollywood: "I really want to do action-hero acting."

What she is: "I'm just an energy ball. I think I have really bad ADHD. No, actually, I know I do. I was tested. But it's working for me. I'm not going to medicate it!"