Every time we see a feel-good story revolving around bodybuilding, the gym, or weight training, we want to share it with our fans as a source of inspiration and motivation to meet your goals inside and outside the gym.

Mo Carmody’s story is one example. As CBS Los Angeles reports, one year ago, Carmody was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given eight months to live.

Carmody, though, had other plans, and for the past four months he hit the gym with a vengeance twice a day to prepare for a bodybuilding contest that took place at Veteran’s Memorial Complex in Culver City, CA. As the 56-year-old told CBS, nothing was going to stop him from working his you-know-what off in the gym and taking part in that meet.

“I told the doctors, ‘before you put me in a hospice, full-time, give me a body bag. And I’ll carry it in my gym bag and my surf bag,’” he said.

If you need some boost to take your own performance to the next level, then take a moment to look at this video. If you channel the same type of single-minded determination demonstrated by Carmody here, then you’ll be just fine. Now, what is your excuse?