Our September issue is dedicated to Olympia Weekend — the Super Bowl of muscle. On the cover we’ve got Flex Lewis, one of the top contenders in the 202-pound weight class. We’ve also got classic routines from past Olympia champs, plus one of the best mass-gaining programs you’ve ever tried.

Cover Story: Flex Lewis — The IFBB pro might just dominate the 202-lb. Mr. Olympia — as long as he doesn’t get too big for the weight class. This story delves into his new training approach and details his arm workout.

Build a Mr. Olympia Body — We look to the routines of past Olympia champions to build the perfect Olympia body with each man’s signature body part. Want to train biceps like Arnold did? Legs like Jay Cutler? Shoulders like Larry Scott? Six famous routines show you the way.

The Blueprint to Getting Big — Heavy lifting days combined with conditioning and the shockwave protocol will pave the way to the most out-of-control gains you’ve ever had. The accompanying diet plan will have you doing nothing but eating pizza and napping one day a week. You signed up yet?

Kurt Angle — Before he ever stepped in the pro wrestling ring, Kurt Angle won an Olympic gold medal. Now he wants to do it again.

Dave Tate — The legendary powerlifter and the man behind Elite Fitness Systems talks high-volume training, business, and the future of the industry.

Natalie Pennington — Meet IFBB bikini pro and practicing dentist Natalie Pennington. Hopefully she accepts your insurance.

You'll find all this and more in the August issue of Muscle and Fitness, on newsstands now.