>> She may be a model on the hit show Deal or No Deal, but you'd be nuts to say "no deal" to this doe-eyed beauty. In addition to being supremely sexy, Ursula Mayes has a few other things going for her. Such as:

– Ubiquity: From Maxim to Clubline Chicago, Ursula has appeared in more magazines than Captain Morgan. In the motor niche alone, she has graced the covers of Modified, Import Tuner, Performance Auto & Sound and Super Street. The pinnacle came last spring when Ursula and the other DOND girls were named to People's 100 Most Beautiful People list. "I'm officially number 87," she says.

– Entrepreneurship: As if she weren't sufficiently busy taping a TV show, taking acting classes and hosting parties nationwide, Ursula recently launched her own line of bras and panties, Ursulina Lingerie, which draws inspiration from Japanese animation and American designer Betsey Johnson. "So it's punky but also very sexy."

– Health: Ursula hits the gym three days a week (focusing on her lower body and core), cycles along the bike trails of Laguna Beach and takes long walks with her Chihuahua, Pita. She balances all this action with lots of fish, beef, vegetables and rice . . . and the occasional crème brulee. "I give my body what it craves," says Ursula, "but in moderation."

– Morality: The daughter of a Korean mother (and a German/Native American father), Ursula insists that despite all of the pulse-pounding photo spreads, she's actually pretty boring. "I'm very old-fashioned and traditional. I'm really into family values. It's the Korean in me. I'm like a really old woman trapped in a young person's body!"

In that case, wanna come over and watch Cocoon? M&F


As her Chihuahua Pita yaps in the background, Ursula shares a bit more about herself:

What she likes in a man: "I'm not into looks at all. I hate male models. I'm not into them at all. You just have to be genuine."

How she takes care of her body: "I like Pilates and yoga and love walking around the lake with my dog, even though she can never keep up and I have to carry her the other half of the time. I'm always on the go, so I think just being active helps me, and just walking alone really helps the body—physically and mentally. Oh, and I take LifePak Nano vitamins every day and swear by them!"

Her thoughts on Deal or No Deal host Howie Mandel: "Howie is hilarious. We give him a hard time about his bald head; we call him Mr. clean. He's like totally obsessive compulsive. He won't shake hands. He does this weird fist thing."