Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or a promotion, or just blowing off steam after an epically bad week, a lot of moving parts go into planning a solid night out in the city. Sure, you’ve got services like OpenTable and Uber to help you nail down dinner reservations and transportation, but that still leaves the question of which watering hole to hit up. After all, you need a place that will satisfy all your friends, from your buddy who’s all about two-for-one drink specials to the girl who just wants to dance.

Stop stressing. We’ve found a service that pretty much eliminates party-planning pressure. Host Committee helps you plan a night out in NYC for a group of 15 to 150 friends—without hassle. The site organizes the availability of the Big Apple’s best venues, like Marquee, Jimmy, PH-D, and the Darby, and curates all the details that make for a top-notch party: a great DJ, an hour-long open bar, VIP tables, photography, transportation, and so on.  Users can invite friends via Facebook and manage their guest lists using Host Committee’s interactive Web platform.

Host Committee launched in 2012, and to date, the company has thrown more than 250 events with over 35,000 guests.

In addition to allowing New Yorkers to have an on-demand solution for going out in NYC, Host Committee has introduced a game-changing service for New York’s philanthropic community as well. They have helped 65 charities and nonprofits raise $200,000 while energizing a new set of enthusiastic supporters. So, if you need to throw a 300-person nonprofit fund-raiser on a zero-dollar budget, they’ll handle that, too.

When you sign up for insider invitations, Host Committee will give you a free ticket to your first  event. If you throw your own party, they’ll toss in a VIP table, bottle of champagne, and a round-trip Uber ride. So if you want to Dougie to a top-notch DJ, enjoy an hour-long open bar, and have a VIP experience (which you would be crazy not to), you’re going to need Host Committee in your (night) life.

To sign up or learn more about the service, head to hostcommittee.com