Five-time magazine cover girl Rochelle Loewen has captured the eyes of many an audience, from the cover of Playboy’s Book of Lingerie to host of Wild on E! And on the off-chance you keep an extra case of Molson in the garage for beer emergencies, you might remember this Edmonton sensation running away with the 2000 Hawaiian Tropi-Canada crown.

Rochelle has a sweet side, but don’t let it fool you: Any girl from Alberta knows how to kick some ass. “I’m tough,” she says. “I’m built like a brick house and have an extremely high threshold for pain.” Is that right, Ms. Lingerie?

Well, when she’s not snapping garters, Rochelle has — on occasion — snapped spines as a wrestler in the WWE, and she played for her high school rugby team.

What advice does this smoking-hot lady have for her captive audience in the gym? “Flex your abs while you run,” Rochelle recommends. “If I run for 45 minutes each day while flexing my abs, I don’t need to do anything else.” Also, eat small portions. “I can eat what I want so long as I don’t eat too much,” she comments.

Well, it seems like she can do whatever she wants so long as beauty and brass continue to rule the market.