Occupation: Fitness trainer, athlete, model/actress
Birthdate: July 30, 1981
Birthplace: Humboldt, Tennessee
Current residence: Los Angeles
Specs: 5'10", 140 pounds
Contact: koyawebb.com

>> Some nicknames have no logical explanation, but there's a very good reason Koya Webb was dubbed "Leggs" in high school: The woman has exceptional legs. (See for yourself.) And, like ZZ Top says, she knows how to use them. In 2004, those powerful gams propelled Koya – a track star at Wichita State in Kansas – to a Missouri Valley Conference title in the high jump and heptathlon and a top-10 NCAA finish in the pentathlon. Now living in L.A., she hits the track four times a week alongside world-class speedsters like Maurice Greene. "My purpose in life is to teach fitness, but my passion is running track," says Koya. A few other passionate pursuits:

>> Cooking: A vegetarian since 2004, Koya started her own raw-foods catering company last spring – accidentally. "I cooked some things for a friend's event, and the response was great. People said, 'You should start your own business,' so I said, 'Okay!'"

>> Lifting: Koya trains for 90 minutes four days a week at the mecca, Gold's Gym in Venice, California. She concentrates on explosive Olympic lifts such as snatches, deadlifts and power cleans. But she's also no stranger to the squat rack. "People are always amazed by how much I can squat – 315," she says.

>> Cruising: Koya's not just swift in the 400 hurdles – as a trained precision driver, she's also pretty nimble on the 405 freeway. And if you look closely enough, you might spot her steering a shiny Audi in the upcoming Ocean's Thirteen. "They wanted someone attractive driving a nice car," says Koya. "It was fun, and it got me into the Screen Actors Guild." Too bad her vehicle obscures the better set of wheels. M&F


How could we not give you more info online about Koya Webb? Her name all but guarantees her a spot in cyberspace. Or something. Anywhere, here are a few more details we pried out of the leggy brunette.

Where she sees herself in five years: "I'll be life coaching and still running track, I think. I'd love to have my own TV talk show. I'll have a couple books published by then. I'll be doing a lot of inspirational speaking and traveling. I'll have fitness DVDs, maybe even an Olympic medal. I wouldn't mind being in a really good movie. You better stop me there. I have a lot of goals. I could go on and on."

What she looks for in a guy: "My soulmate will have to be honest. Respectful. Spiritual. Romantic. And definitely athletic. I've dated nerdy guys before, and then one day I just realized: I like athletic men. I'm more attracted to them. They don't have to be super muscular, but they have to be fit. I think that's really important."

Favorite part of a man: "That's a tough decision. I like the whole upper body – arms, chest and abs. When you're watching a movie, you want something you can hold onto, so they need nice arms and a strong chest. If I had to pick one . . . I'd go with chest. A good, hard chest. I don't want to be feeling any soft breasts." To the gym we go . . .