It’s time to fight back The Darkness. Again.

Activision and Bungie finally released the first full reveal trailer for Destiny 2 today—after years of excitement and delays. Players once again assume the role of a Guardian fighting to protect humanity from threats of invading aliens. However, Destiny 2 takes the fight off Earth and sends players to new, uncharted worlds in the solar system. Check out the trailer below.

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You’ll quickly see Commander Zavala (John Wick’s Lance Reddick) and Cayde-6 (Nathan Fillion of Firefly and Castle fame) have very different approaches for giving inspiring speeches:

The teaser trailer, which was released earlier this week, shows Cayde-6 getting a quick drink in the midst of a seige on the Tower, a landmark from the first Destiny:

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Destiny 2 releases on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in September. Those who pre-order will get exclusive early beta access and test drive the game before release.