Fed up with lightweight, flimsy cups? ROX are hoping to get you stronger with every sip, thanks to the company’s novel new Heavy Mug, and not only does this new drinking vessel weigh as much as a dumbbell, but it’s expandable too.

A fun product for gym fanatics, you can now own a little piece of the weight room in your home or office (or home office!) with the limited-edition Heavy Mug, making every coffee a great workout. Dubbed as “The Ultimate Mug for the Modern Warrior,” this bad boy takes some serious getting to grips with. Best of all, there are a number of variations including the default, “mini” mug model, weighing in in at 8.8 pounds, the classic at 18 pounds, and the tower is 33 pounds. “I will be getting mine, yeah buddy,” says 8-time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman via a Cameo video displayed on the product’s official website.

Worlds Heaviest Mug Parts
Courtesy of Rox

Get Handshakes That Feel Like Steel Clamps

Of course, behind the style and substance is also more than a little fun. ROX are touting that prolonged use of The Heavy Mug will lead to “Handshakes that feel like steel clamps” and “Protein shakes that taste like victory.” But, don’t forget the product safety warnings because flexing with “The World’s Heaviest Mug” may cause rookies a risk of dental casualties, and “Hands too powerful for ordinary mugs.” To get your digits onto this deal, you’ll need to log on to heavymug.fit and sign-up for early access. There is currently up to 30% off for the quick fingered, meaning that the mugs start at $248.

Previous iterations of heavy mugs have been snapped-up well ahead of public release, and Darcy Cudmore, a spokesperson for The ROX™ company tells M&F that “The enthusiastic demand for The Heavy Mug has been both humbling and exhilarating. Exercise fanatics will love The Heavy Mug for its fun twist on fitness. The weight-adjusting feature also allows it to be a playful test of strength at meetings or parties!”

The Heavy Mug will also be offered along with personal engraving so it can be sent as a gift or even presented as a cool trophy. You really can drink from The Heavy Mug, but just remember not to put it down too hard on your glass desk or coffee table!