Pursuing optimal nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle has become a global phenomenon. This year, many companies have revolutionized how we nourish our bodies and transform the essence of wellness. Certain companies have risen above the rest, redefining the industry with their cutting-edge products, unwavering commitment to quality, and dedication to promoting a healthier lifestyle. Join us as we explore the dynamic landscape of nutrition and unveil five notable nutrition companies setting the bar for excellence in 2023. From groundbreaking innovations to life-changing nutritional advancements, these industry leaders are shaping the future of how we fuel our bodies. These companies will inspire you to try something new, turn a new page in your nutrition journey, and build a healthier, more vibrant tomorrow.


Exploding onto the scene, Nutrition Solutions is not just a meal prep company. It’s a Lifestyle Transformation Institution, radically reshaping the industry with its innovative approach to health and fitness.

Driven by the vibrant energy of CEO Chris Cavallini and the irreverent mantra, “dieting doesn’t have to suck,” the company is on a thrilling quest to transform individuals into their healthiest, fittest, most dominant selves – without the stress.

Their clientele, a tapestry of health-conscious individuals looking to improve their health and bodies, are treated to an epicurean extravaganza of nutrient-dense meals created with organic ingredients and the cleanest protein superfoods.

Like a culinary concierge, Nutrition Solutions delivers its high protein, fat-destroying meals to all 50 states, bringing convenience, taste, and game-changing results into perfect harmony.

However, the commitment of Nutrition Solutions to their clients extends beyond the realm of the palate.

They offer an inspiring, results-driven company culture and support system packed with educational nuggets, motivational texts that fuel the spirit, and ongoing support from NASM-certified Lifestyle Coaches.

Clients of Nutrition Solutions are chasing various goals, from fat loss, to building lean muscle, improved performance, boosting confidence, and overall better health.

Nutrition Solutions is far more than a healthy meal delivery service. It’s a catalyst for change and herald of a new era in lifestyle transformation. They offer a convenient, delicious, sustainable system to optimize health and fitness, bolstered by a community that radiates support and is unwavering in its mission to help each member conquer their wellness goals.

This is Nutrition Solutions: a beacon of transformation in a world hungry for change.


AdvancedSupps.com is a brand that introduces a new standard of customer service to the health and fitness industry. Founder Trevor Nolan Bower and team members Matthew Seville, Jordan Michael Coulson, and Devon Roberson focus on more than getting one sale or promoting the latest gimmick. They are devoted to making affordable recommendations prioritizing the product’s integrity and the customer’s goals.

Starting in 2015 with one location in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, AdvancedSupps.com is more than just a health brand. While AdvancedSupps.com grew to five physical locations at one point, the team realized they could better support their customers from one central store. Whether a customer walks into the store or orders online, they will receive the same care and attention that assures satisfaction. AdvancedSupps.com proudly remains a small, local brand while growing a national reputation.

To underline the team’s commitment to its core values, customers are encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback. The team members who assist in-store are the same ones packing online orders with thorough consideration. Online orders include two free samples, and a follow-up email arrives directly from Trevor within a few days of placing any order. This allows a more personalized experience and often leads to a long-term relationship between the customer and the AdvancedSupps.com team.

A shared dedication to their work unifies the team at AdvancedSupps.com, continually striving to impact the health and fitness industry significantly. They are paving the way for a customer-centric approach in the sector, reshaping the industry’s landscape with innovative methods.


Founder of athleisure brand Alphalete Athletics, Christian Guzman, is a prominent member of the rising number of fitness enthusiasts who have managed to cash in their online following to develop their brands or lines of products. Being an active content creator with a marked presence on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram can help tremendously.

However, having a winning personality and a following isn’t all it takes to start a successful clothing brand. Christian’s dedication to health and fitness also meant that he knew his target market, what they want from an apparel brand, and most importantly — what they’ve been missing from the brands they already have access to. From there, it was just making sure to address those unfulfilled needs.

Following his lifelong dream to establish his own gym, he opened The Alphalete Gym in Houston, Texas. The Alphalete Gym is a state-of-the-art facility capable of hosting fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life and with all kinds of fitness goals. People who choose to work out there can follow the Summer Shredding workout plans and count on guidance to help them reach their goals faster.

Christian Guzman doesn’t plan to stop there. As part of his ambitious program to achieve ten big life goals in ten years, something he came up with when he was just nineteen years old, he plans to open an additional five gyms across the world, upload a thousand YouTube videos, and establish a non-profit, all within the decade.


Christine Lewington is a visionary leader and the CEO of PIP International, a trailblazing agri-tech company at the forefront of revolutionizing the nutrition industry. With an unwavering commitment to sustainable and affordable protein solutions, Christine has propelled PIP International to become a global leader in providing innovative plant protein products.

Under Christine’s leadership, PIP International has emerged as a pioneering force in the field of nutrition. Christine has been instrumental in developing the world’s first tasteless and odorless yellow pea protein isolate, setting a new standard for protein quality and taste. Her dedication to sustainability and superior products has positioned PIP International as a trailblazer in the industry.

Beyond her exceptional achievements in agri-tech, Christine is deeply passionate about empowering women in the food industry. She actively advocates for increased women’s representation in leadership roles and serves as a mentor to inspire and support the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

Christine’s visionary leadership and commitment to innovation have positioned PIP International as a leading force in the nutrition landscape. The company’s mission is to accelerate the global adoption of sustainable, best-tasting, and affordable protein solutions, making a positive impact on individual wellness and the planet.

As a respected industry leader, Christine’s passion for sustainability, mentorship, and empowering success is driving positive change and shaping the future of nutrition. With her at the helm, PIP International is poised to create a lasting legacy in the world of agri-tech and nutrition, making a significant contribution to the health and well-being of individuals worldwide.


In the competitive world of nutrition, Hummus Fit has distinguished itself through its unparalleled commitment to food and fitness. Originating as a Mediterranean family-owned restaurant in 2015, it soon evolved into a meal-prep company under the innovative leadership of Tony Mavruk, the company’s founder.

As a renowned nutritionist with a penchant for fitness, Mavruk led Hummus Fit to become a nationally recognized brand known for its tasty, nutrient-dense food that augments fitness goals.

Still, what makes Hummus Fit stand out from the crowd is more than just fitness-enhancing food.

Their first secret is an incredible passion for making every customer experience exceptional. Tailored meal plans, one-on-one nutrition guidance, diverse dietary options like vegan, gluten-free, or low-carb, plus an extensive range of training sessions for all levels, reflect Hummus Fit’s multifaceted approach.

The second secret? Their pioneering vacuum-seal packaging technology. With merely two meal-prep locations (the rest are retail stores), this groundbreaking method ensures every meal reaches customers fresh and flavorfully no matter how far it’s delivered.

There you have it. From its modest inception to a brand showing no signs of slowing down, Hummus Fit is driven by Tony Mavruk’s vision and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction and nutrition variety.

As they continue their journey, Hummus Fit’s unique perspective, dedication, and resolve to go above and beyond positions them as a brand destined to leave an even greater mark on the nutrition industry.

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