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You can hit the gym all you want, but if you’re not batting 1,000 in the bedroom, you may be feeling like half a man. Not to mention you feel sluggish and can’t focus. And it’s not just the holiday slump — this is the stuff that’s paining you 24/7, 365 days a year.

Natural supplement powerhouse Inno Supps is coming to the rescue — again! — with a new supplement for men designed to help you get back to your old (or young!), virile self. Age is just a number in the male vitality game, and no matter your age, Nitro Wood Magnum is pure gold to help maximize “size” and peak male performance. Yes, you read that right. Length, girth and size to be exact.

Understanding Nitro Wood Magnum

Taking a page from Inno Supps’ original Nitro Wood formula to accelerate circulation and blood flow with an array of natural ingredients, Nitro Wood Magnum takes it a step further. The potent ingredients in Nitro Wood Magnum are science-backed and clinically shown to:

  • Increase erectile circumference 2-3 cm
  • Increase erectile length 1-2 cm
  • Decrease in erectile response time 45%

These stats are certainly shocking. If you’re not saying “holy shit!” yet, keep reading…

So how is Nitro Wood Magnum making all this magic?

Nitro Wood Magnum Ingredient Breakdown


Don’t get it twisted – Nitro Wood Magnum is no gas station boner pill. This is the real deal, with real, cutting-edge natural ingredients to help boost your blood flow, among other things.

First up, BlackVCube®, a patented Black Ginger extract with a host of health benefits.

In an 8-week study of 45 men who consumed BlackVCube® for 60 days, researchers observed “significantly increased penile circumference, length and rigidity compared with the placebo-treated group. In addition, the plant extract also decreased the response latency to sexual stimuli.”

Beyond enhancing sexual performance, BlackVCube® is a game-changer — it ignites thermogenesis, targeting and torching stubborn fat stores, elevating your confidence to the next level.

Then there’s Oxyjun®, a revolutionary ingredient that boosts your heart’s pumping ability to give you more energy, more stamina, and more rigidity down below. Studies show it helps fight fatigue and has been shown to improve feelings of tiredness by 22%. Exactly what you need to get you through that slump you’re having at the gym — and the bedroom!

And just like the OG Nitro Wood, this ingredient works as a vasodilator to help expand blood vessels and support improved blood flow throughout the body — when and where you need it most.

Rounding out the effective ingredients are some pretty powerful blends: the Blood Vessel Expansion Blend and the Nitric Oxide Optimization Matrix. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Blood Vessel Expansion Blend Organic Beetroot, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, Garlic Powder, and Cayenne Powder

These ingredients are packed with nitrates that do wonders for your blood vessels, making them bigger and boosting blood flow. And the perks don’t stop there – this combo supports your cardiovascular system, supercharges your immune system a high-five, helps with mental focus, and even adds a little extra oomph to your romantic side.

Nitric Oxide Optimization MatrixPine Bark, Grape Seed

Pine bark extract boosts your body’s natural nitric oxide production, which helps keep your blood vessels healthy and ensures everything is flowing smoothly. And then, you’ve got grape seed extract, which is like a superhero antioxidant. It not only adds to the benefits of increased nitric oxide but also helps preserve good blood flow.

When you mix these two, it’s like a dynamic duo for your blood – they team up to support great circulation and keep your vascular health in top shape.

Real People, Real Results

NWM_5 copy

Nitro Wood Magnum is all that and a bag of “wood” chips, but don’t take our word for it. Here it straight from the mouths of beta testers:

“I am feeling so much more confident with these HUGE results. And I am talking in the bedroom, out in public, and even at the office. I was skeptical at first… But once I dug into the research, WOW!”

“I found out Nitro Wood magnum combines some revolutionary, clinically backed ingredients that are shown to increase the size AND circumference of your manhood. Guys, my package is looking HUGE! I am truly shocked!” –Maris M.

“After starting Nitro Wood Magnum, the increase in blood flow has optimized my energy levels, endurance in the gym, and my confidence has been through the roof! My mind has felt so sharp, I seriously feel like I am back in my 20s again.” -Martin L.

Inno Supps Nitro Wood Magnum: The Bottom Line

If you’re tired of feeling like half the man you used to be, it’s time to experience the transformative power of Inno Supps Nitro Wood Magnum. This natural supplement isn’t just a solution for male limpness; it’s a game-changer for your physical performance and mental cognition.

The science-backed ingredients, such as BlackVCube® and Oxyjun®, plus the potent and powerful blends, work wonders in increasing size, stamina, and overall male vitality. Inno Supps Nitro Wood Magnum is not your average blood-boosting supplement; it’s a carefully crafted formula designed to give you real results.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reclaim your confidence, energy, peak performance – and your manhood! And Inno Supps offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try Inno Supps Nitro Wood Magnum with absolutely ZERO risk! Take the plunge and let Nitro Wood Magnum unleash the best version of you. Head over to to order now and experience the difference for yourself!


This is sponsored content. M&F is not endorsing the websites or products listed in this article.