In this month’s special end-of-summer issue, some of the biggest showbiz names with the most iconic frames find a place among our “most badass” beach bodies ever. Want to build a similar structure to these sculpted celebs? We’ve got you covered with a killer workout from Chris Hemsworth that’s sure to strengthen and shred those show muscles for a beach body-worthy physique of your own.

Along with Hemsworth’s exclusive workout, you’ll also get a dose of muscle-carving routines to maintain your shred through fall and winter. From Tabata training to Olympia-themed workouts leading up the big event, you’ll find all the body-sculpting info you need to stay lean, ripped and inspired to hit the gym.

You’ll also find a bigger supps and nutrition section to help maximize your efforts in the weightroom. We serve up a hearty dose of healthy, delicious and easy to prepare recipes including chicken skewers with tzatziki, and peach bourbon BBQ sauce. Plus, we show you how to grill like a true M&Fer with a mix of the best meats to keep you lean and strong.

You won’t find a better way to keep your body shredded through summer and get it primed for fall! Don’t miss the September issue of Muscle & Fitness on newsstands now!


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