The Long Journey of UFC Vet Michael Bisping

The UFC fighter tells all about the ups and downs of his storied career.

Don’t Count Him Out

After a decade-long career filled with injuries and missed opportunities, 37-year-old UFC middleweight Michael Bisping finally got his due, and he plans to go out swinging.

“Oh, My Goodness.”

That was all UFC color commentator Joe Rogan could muster after witnessing Michael Bisping connect a solid left hook that sent UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold to the canvas in June at UFC 199. Bisping, given just 17 days to prepare for the title fight, was a heavy underdog—an all-too-familiar spot for “the Count.”

For years, Bisping had UFC gold in his sights, but it was always out of reach. But his spectacular upset over Rockhold finally delivered him the first title of his roller-coaster UFC career.

Since Bisping became the champ, his schedule has ramped up significantly, and the countless media appearances have chipped away at his patience “It’s been interview after interview after interview,” he says during yet another interview. “I’m just at my wit’s end with it all.” To make matters worse, he’s taken our call on an empty stomach. “Listen, mate, I’ve had a hell of a day,” Bisping says. “I’ve got a sandwich in front of me, and I’m dying to eat it.”