For the past 80 years, Muscle & Fitness has established itself as the authoritative voice in fitness publishing. And for the past 35 years, FLEX has done the same in the world of bodybuilding.

Now, both magazines are joining forces.

Beginning with the new May issue (on newsstands April 20), Muscle & Fitness will incorporate a 50-page section dedicated exclusively to FLEX’s in-depth bodybuilding coverage and hardcore training programs, becoming a one-stop shop for everything related to training, nutrition, bodybuilding, and living an active lifestyle. The combined print edition, which will continue as Muscle & Fitness, will also be published 12 times a year, up from 11.

“Increasing the page count allows us to cover the entire fitness spectrum and explore new ways to present the information to our readers,” explains executive editor Zack Zeigler. “It’s our goal both in print and online to make Muscle & Fitness the destination for every CrossFitter, strongman, powerlifter, obstacle-course racer, bodybuilder, and fitness enthusiast—as well as for guys who simply want to look better, move better, and feel better.”

With an unparalleled depth and breadth of practical training advice and news, the new Muscle & Fitness will be the definitive guide to living an active, healthy lifestyle.