13 weeks out of the New York Pro

Big news in my life.


I must say that I am very excited in writing this blog and sharing what has been going on in my life lately!! On Valentine's Day I proposed to my Girlfriend Karen, who is now my Fiancé. Now that we are engaged I am very excited, she is an amazing woman and I am truly blessed to have her. Yesterday my parents prepared us an engagement dinner, thank you mom and dad, love you guys.

My parents are very excited to have her join our family and love her very much!! My friend Aaron and his girlfriend Johanna who've I've  known  since 7th grade came over and my friend IFBB Pro Jillian Reville came over as well to congratulate us.I'm currently 13 weeks out of the New York Pro training has been going extremely well. My back is currently 100 percent also my knees are feeling really good so I have been able to start squating with perfect form again. I have been keeping the weight around 405 to 495 while squating don't think I need to go any heavier than that, especially now while in prep we want to avoid injuries!! I feel really good training now that I have been eating clean; energy in the gym is out this world...  

During the past two weeks I have been training hard daily at Synergy on 14th. I was able to go out to Golds in New Haven last week, they are always so welcoming to me! While I was there I got to see a few friends. My friend Evan and I got to talk a little about what's going on with my progress and his training as he will be competing at the Arnold. It's always great to be able to talk to others in the industry. I'm looking forward to seeing him on stage. Saturday night on our drive back from a meeting in Long Island we made a quick pitstop at Bevs so my fiancé could get her workout in as we both had to work that morning. It was nice being at the gym late on a Saturday night... Quite and people just working hard all around. While training legs I saw a familiar face; Kevin English, Mr. 202... I typically don't go to Bev's so late and didn't expect to see him. We talked about the NY pro show and trying to get a workout in together after we come back from the Arnold.  

I have been viewing the videos and pictures of the Flex pro, seeing them really got me excited and motivated. Now I can't wait to get on that stage May 19th!! I am definitely going to bring my best package to date. I am happy with my improvements I have made so far and of course I will keep pushing to make even more gains into the show. I usually grow into my shows due to eating much better than I do during the offseason.While looking to the next few weeks, I'm looking forward to OHIO! I will be at the Arnold with my Fiancé we will both be working the SPEICES booth so if you are going to the Arnold make sure you stop by the species booth and say hi! i I look forward to meeting as many Fans as possible...

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