Yes it's exactly 3 weeks out from Friday evening prejudging where I think it will all come down to. I am super focused and 100% certain that I will bring my best ever package to Vegas. I am real close to the contest shape I want to present this time and even with the lower carbs now I'm still thick and full as a house lol. I am really looking forward to this years Mr.Olympia cause just to be on that stage with all these guys is an honor and from what I see and read, everybody is going to bring their A-game. I thought last year almost everybody was bringing it but with some of the additions this year I'm sure that if you come in less than 100% you will not get the call outs you looking for. I wish all my fellow competitors a injury free final 3 weeks and all the best to each one of you. I think it's great that some of you guys take some time out of your busy schedules and post some info for the fans to see here on what's going on and in the end that is what counts the fans!! We will make history this year with the most exciting Olympia ever and I'm glad I can be a part of it. Stay focused and hang in there DJ