Tomorrow will Mark The 6-week out point for the first contest of the 2011 season, the Flex Pro. I am ecstatic to be back in LA after spending the holidays in Canada. Rested, refueled and a renewed motivation for this show! The 2 weeks at home were busy and COLD! I saw some really great friends and had some great workouts with my good friend Darren Oliver (He was one of the major reasons for my progress last year for the NY pro). Darren is one of the most passionate trainers I have ever met. He truly loves what he does and has his sights set on becoming recognized as one of the best trainers in the world. No doubt he is on his way. I do my best to constantly challenge his stubborn mentality and he is really pushing his practical knowledge to a new level. Over the past 2 years, we have definitely helped each other become better at what we do. Darren shares my belief in high volume training, and likes to push even my mental limits. Love it! Yes 3 hr back workouts have happened (and yes they included 17 sets of one-arm DB rows!) A few minor roadblocks along the journey that are quickly turned into growth opportunities! I’m learning to LOVE being challenged by life. It makes me a better person and more prepared for future obstacles and setbacks. I figured for my first day back in Venice, what better way to celebrate than Pak -style strip sets for legs! I never count reps on these sets, but im thinking somewhere in around 50/set. Workout kicked my ass! (Literally). The second day back was Friday, and I had the best ever chest workout that I’ve had yet with Charles. The workout started off with heavy incline barbell strip sets. Then onto heavy flat smith press (strip sets) super-set with machine flys. I can feel how tight my chest is already as I sit here writing this, about 8 hrs after my workout. The dream of living and training in Venice beach is truly all that I had hoped it would be. I feel as though “we” are bringing back the old energy and camaraderie.