Its 33 days from the FLEX Pro and I’m sitting at around 290lbs and it’s time to start to bring it down. I definitely am well within striking distance to come in bigger and badder than 2010. Hany just upped my cardio to twice a day and started me on some thermogenics (which I never normally use).

I started pushing the pace of the cardio a bit to see if we can bring it in a bit faster and ensure optimal condition for the show. The one thing that I definitely took for granted and miss a lot this prep is my osteopath and good friend Alvin Brown. With all this hard training and not many days off, my body is starting to get tight achy.

Having Alvin in my corner every year to this point has allowed me to train more or less pain free and with an optimal range of motion. As much as I knew how important and valuable this aspect of my prep was, you never really appreciate it fully until you no longer have it. The little aches and pains add up! It hasn’t impeded my training yet whatsoever, but it definitely seems to take just a little bit longer to get in the groove of the workout. Alvin is a deep tissue specialist and knows how to get my body firing on all cylinders.

He works with some great pros like Jay, Ronnie, Bob Weatherill and Paul Dillet when Paul made his comeback in 2007. Alvin is the man! I’ve been doing everything I can nutritionally to reduce the chronic inflammation obviously associated with the repeated beating we put ourselves through as pro bodybuilders. Now, the lack of nutrients and recover time starts to catch up so you need to ensure you have all these puzzle pieces to get the most out of your body.

Three things I have tried this year are some amazing products introduced to me over the last couple years: Wobenzyme, Curcumin and a topical cream called Accelerade by Zanagen. They are definitely helping to reduce the inflammation caused by training and allow me to get in there day after day and continue to grow into the show. Loving life, killing the weights! BPak