The Mr. Olympia doesn’t qualify for the sports books in Vegas, being a judged competition and all, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on some action and pick the winners for prizes and bragging rights. After a successful inaugural run, the Muscle Fantasy League is back, pitting fans across the country against one another in an online contest.

The MFL, sponsored by Vyotech, FLEX and MUSCLE & FITNESS, gives you the chance to test your knowledge of men’s bodybuilding and earn some cool stuff in the process, such as the grand-prize 42-inch JVC Plasma HDTV. You can form leagues with your friends (just like fantasy football), or sign up as an individual, through or Then, you’ll be asked a series of questions. The more you get right come September 30, the more points you get on your way to being crowned the 2006 MFL champion.

Some of the questions include: Who will finish first through fifth? Who will finish seventh? 10th? 14th? Which Olympia rookie will finish highest? Who will drop the most in placing from last year?

Obviously, that’s not as easy as simply picking a winner, which means that the girl at the office who wins the weekly football pool with selection criteria such as, “Who wears the cutest jerseys?” won’t have such a great shot — good news for all of you who do follow the sport. After all, we want a true-blue fan to be sitting in front of that grand-prize plasma, not some schmuck who threw in a few good guesses.

Having said that, even hardcore bodybuilding aficionados probably need a little guidance. To help you sort through the strengths and weaknesses of the men in the lineup, you’ll find information on each competitor at the MFL Web site, which provides an honest assessment of their chances in the big show.

For more information and to sign up (which is free), visit either the Olympia or MFL Web sites — or