Christianer and Mello Rise to the Top

Here at the 2013 Pro Grand Prix, 35 IFBB physique pros competed in Culver City, CA in two divisions: Men and Women Physique. Matt Christianer and Patricia Mello took their respective physique titles competing against a very tough line-up.

Christianer competed here last year, but only placed 8th. Much improved since, Matt was able to leapfrog over his peers to the top. The well known face of men's physique, Mark Anthony, placed a disappointing 5th. However, I am sure he'll shake it off and be back on top in no time. Tyler Anderson took second followed by Alex Carniero and Keenon LeBlanc Jr.

Patricia Mello won her second of four Women Physique competitions. Notably the person to beat in this competition, Mello has set herself up to be the one to beat at the first Olympia Physique Showdown later this year.

2013 Pro Gard Prix Full Results

IFBB Pro Men's Physique   IFBB Pro Women's Physique
1. Matt Christianer
2. Tyler Anderson
3. Alex Carneiro
4. Keenon LeBlanc
5. Mark Anthony Wingson
6. Donta Tanner
7. Michael Anderson
8. Tory Woodward
9. Trevor Larsen
10. Ian Lauer
11. Jason Poston
12. Todd Abrams
13. Justin Busiere
14. William Sullivan
15. Scott Lamb
16. Matt DuBois
16. Douglas Peaney
16. Michael Barnt
16. Adam Bankston
  1. Patricia Mello
2. Venus Nguyen
3. Karin Hobbs
4. Jill Rudison
5. Loan K. Leonard
6. Susan Graham
7. Michelle Trapp
8. Anne-Marie Kam
9. Tycie Coppett
10. Antonia Perdikakis
11. Debbie Barrable-Leung
12. Anne Lasserre
13. Janessa Roy
14. KeriAnn Heitzman
15. Stacy Simmons-McDowell
16. ElizaBeth White