#2 Henri Pierre Ano – Did not see

#3 Jeff Beckham: Jeff has beautiful lines and his conditioning is spot on. He gets better every year. I'm not sure what he has to do to move up. Maybe add a little bit of weight overall.

#4 Lionel Beyeke: Again, he has beautiful lines and an unbelieveable shape. He's not as good as he was in Rio, which probably has something to do with the long flights and travel. He'll still get away with his shape, and he's looking better and better as he poses.

#5 Maxx Charles: Maxx has an unbelieveable upper body. It's too bad his legs don’t belong to his upper body. His condition spot on, he’s peeled on top. Evenhis legs are crazy conditioned. If he had bigger legs, he’d be fighting for this title today.

#6 Jonathan Delarosa: Jon has an awesome shape. This is his 3rd show this year and it looks like he finally figured out what works for him. He gained a lot of size. Whatever he’s doing, he needs to keep on doing it. I’m not sure if he’s better than he was in Rio condition-wise, he may be a little off, but he's still good enough for top 5 for sure.

#7 Constantinos Demetrio: Constantios looks flat and small. Whatever he’s doing, it's not working. He should consider changing it.

#8 Marius Dohne: Marius is another guy with awesome shape. He has a super small waist and is in great condition. He was overlooked the first two shows he did. Today he should get a better look. His color is a little light, but overall this is a very good Marius. Great shape and good condition.

#9 Mamdouh Elssbiay: Big Ramy is huge! He came in nice after being still way off just two weeks ag in Pittsburgh. His color is great. You can see his confidence when he’s posing. He looks like the clear winner to me.

#10 Michael Kefalianos: Michael has a tough act to follow, coming after Ramy – but Michael looks like Michael – good condition! He's just a little flat and over-dieted, especially his legs. That could be because I just saw the biggest tree trunks in the world a minute ago!

#11 Juan Morel: Juan gained some size since last year. He also competed in Rio. His legs are still a little undersized for his upper body. If he can add an inch or two on his quads, he will be very dangerous. But overall, this is a very good Juan. He keeps improving from year to year.

#12 Sergey Shelestov: Sergey is way better than in Dallas. He brought the condition but he sacrificed the size. I remember him from 8 years ago – full and shredded. Maybe age is catching up with him. Still, he looks way better than in Dallas.

#13 Saiid Tejan Kamara: Did not see

#14 Daniel Toth: Daniel's color is blotchy. I liked him better last week in Dallas. Hi waist looked too thick but he was in good condition. I don't know, I just liked him better last week. He had more "wow" factor.

#15 Akim Williams: This is a big pro debut for Akim. He’s got some huge body parts. He does needs to work on his condition. Overall I’d say it’s a good showing for his first pro show. Now it's time to go back and make some necessary changes.

#16 Eboni Wilson: This show was a little out of Ebony's league. His condition is off and he's not big enough for his height. He needs to go back to the drawing board.

2014 IFBB New York Pro

2014 IFBB New York Pro

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