NPC Amateur Brandon Beckrich is currently weighing in at 250lbs (113.4kg). Beckrich stepped on stage last year at 237 (107.7kg) at the 2012 Jr Nationals. Last year was an eye opener for Beckrich. He didn't get to where he wanted to be because he didn't realize what was fully required to compete at the next level.

This year Beckrich trained more consistent, ate better and worked out harder. Beckrich is also a trainer and it's difficult to keep the mindset focused on his bodybuilding preparation in addition to training over 20 people per day.

But if you look at Beckrich now, he looks better today than when he stepped on stage last year. Working with IFBB Pro Fakhri Mubarak and with AllMax supporting him, we can guarantee that this young man will one day win his pro card.

We here at Flex Online and Flex Magazine wish Beckrich the best at this year's NPC Junior National Championships.

Brandon Beckrich Training Video – 8 Weeks from Jr Nationals

NPC Junior National Championships 2013

NPC Junior National Championships 2013