Lindsay Brown was one of two selected as the June 2012 Flex Bikini Model Search Winner and will compete at the Olympia for the overall title

Name: Sarah James Brown

Age:  26

Height: 5'1 1/2''

Weight: 101

Lives: Wilmington, NC

Fit from the Start

My love for fitness was prevalent at a young age.  From ice-skating to cheerleading and getting a black belt in karate I was always active and a natural competitor.  

Love Made me Do It

I met the man of my dreams and the person who introduced me to the world of bodybuilding.   We got married, moved to San Diego and had our amazing son Cameron in 2010.  With the little one just days old I attended my first show to watch my husband compete.  I was always content just going to cheer him on…. that was until the bikini class was introduced.  I thought to myself, "hey I can do that!".  From that point on, with the help of my husband, I began to diet and train with the hopes of one day winning an IFBB Pro card.  

My First Time 😉

The first competition I entered was the Flex Bikini Search in Santa Monica in February 2012.  Unfortunately I didn't have the amount of time I would've liked to prepare, and although I was in “first call outs”, I did not receive the placing required to go to the finals.  After that I was hooked and determined to bring a better physique every time I took the stage.  Next I competed in the NPC Gold's Classic in Wilmington, NC with a very respectable 2nd place finish.  Now I am more determined than ever to continue to train hard and bring my best to NPC Nationals and hopefully the Flex Bikini Search Finals  😉

A little more about Sarah Brown:

1.  Favorite thing about working out (why do you do it)? 
     – World Peace! … No seriously with my hectic life it's a good way to release stress and maintain a positive mindset.

2.  What or who got you started working out?
     – I've always been active and involved in athletics but, after having my son I kind of put training on the back burner.  I'd have to thank my husband / trainer for getting me motivated again.

3.  Role models/influences to start working out seriously?
     – Any and all of the IFBB Pro Bikini Competitors, they're all bad ass!  

4.  Favorite meal when you are getting lean?
     – Egg Whites with pico de gallo

5.  Favorite cheat meal?
     – Where do I start: Fried Plantains (Tostones), Anything at IHOP, Sour Jacks…..I'm the carb queen!

6.  What are your goals in the fitness industry? If you win the FLEX Bikini Model Search, what would that mean and what would you do with the title?
     – My #1 goal is to one day become an IFBB Pro! If I were to win the Flex Bikini Model Search it would be an incredible honor and one of my biggest accomplishments to date.  I would love to become a Weider sponsored athlete and maybe have a monthly Q & A section in Flex to answer questions for women trying to achieve their workout goals.  

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