Alex Ardenti puts Big Dennis James on the small screen

June 8, 2009


Ya gotta love Dennis “The Menace” James. As one of pro bodybuilding’s most seasoned veterans (he’s been competing in the IFBB since 1999), the guy never fails to please his ever-growing worldwide fan base. As congenial as he is imposing, DJ has made the jump from bodybuilding star to bodybuilding icon and now, thanks to the filmmaking prowess of Alex Ardenti, is a trend setter in the realm of bodybuilding DVD’s.

DENNIS JAMES: Bodybuilder is among the slickest and most watchable videos to come along in the genre’s history with production qualities on par with anything you’ll find on MTV and a rousing soundtrack reminiscent of that in the Rocky films. Dennis himself makes for a compelling star as he pounds the weights and cracks wise in the weeks leading up to the 2009 Arnold Classic.

Check out the trailer to DENNIS JAMES: Bodybuilder, provided courtesy of Alex Ardenti himself, and then check out where you can pick up your copy today.

Click here to see the video