Filming is complete! Generation Iron, the movie is all that is talked about in the bodybuilding circles.

The film crew followed IFBB Professionals Branch Warren, Roelly Winklaar, Kai Greene, Mr Olympia Phil Heath and many others as they prepared for the 2012 Mr Olympia.

American Media Inc. has partnered with writer/director Vlad Yudin and producing partner Edwin Mejia of the Vladar Company to produce and direct a bodybuilding docudrama titled, Generation Iron. They will follow the world’s top seven bodybuilders as they fight to bring home the 2012 Mr. Olympia title.

Yudin is slated to direct and co-produce the film with Mejia, along with executive producer Jerome Gary (who produced Pumping Iron), executive producer Damon Bingham (Tyson), executive producer David J. Pecker, Chairman and CEO of American Media, Inc., and executive producer Jim Manion, NPC President and IFBB Pro League Chairman.