It’s almost here! Bodybuilding’s next blockbuster, Generation Iron, is set to hit movie theaters later this month. Until then, FLEX has you covered with complete with photos and inside information you won’t get anywhere else. And be sure to check,, and for sneak-peek videos and more!



ONE TOUGH TEXAN Talk about a serious individual!  Branch Warren is all business. He’s not somebody who’ll talk to you right away. You have to spend time with him and let him see that you are for real, too. Once he’s comfortable, he opens up.  


I knew his reputation for being one of the hardest working guys in the sport, but I was not prepared for what we witnessed first hand. All of these guys train hard, but I’ve never seen the kind of ferocity Branch unleashed in the gym. The pace of his training was so fast. It was controlled mayhem!


And Metroflex is a hardcore gym that fits his no-nonsense approach perfectly. It was very exciting to watch someone with that type of focus and intensity. You do not want to be in his way!


■ ALPHA WOLF Dennis Wolf is very laid back—until he gets to the gym. Dennis James was staying with him at the time, and they had some extremely intense workouts. Dennis [Wolf] knows what he needs to improve to impress the judges and move up.


He and I went on The Morning Blend, a local TV talk show in Vegas, to promote Generation Iron. Of course, they were very impressed with his size, and since we were sitting next to each other on the couch, he looked even bigger. And yes, they asked how much he could bench.


Then we followed Dennis to L.A., where he was auditioning for a movie role. He wants to be in movies one day.


After that, we went to Gold’s Venice, where he worked out with Hidetada Yamagishiand also Ben Pakulski, who was in town from Florida. FLEX